Logistics and Distribution

Storage and logistics
With our more than 10 years of experience in international transportation of bulk chemicals, we are in position to offer you our knowledge and expertise to develop a logistics solution that is right for you and for your product.
Our open-air, indoor and heated storage facilities in Pskov and Belgorod can accomodate most types of chemical cargo, and prompt deliveries to all destinations within the European part of Russia will make sure deliveries to your dealers and end-customers are always on time.

Storage of customs goods
For an importer, the flip-side of high-volume international trade are high expenses for customs clearance that are associated with it. This can be rather painful for the company cash flow statement – in particular so for products with a long sales cycle.

For this type of goods we offer interim storage at a customs warehouse in the Baltic States with promt subsequent shipments in smaller batches. This is both significantly more cost-efficient compared to using the customs warehouses in Russia for the same purpose, as well as provides a mechanism to effectively defer import-related customs payments thereby optimising your expenses over time.

We will be happy to develop an optimal logistics solution for your product and take care of its distribution.